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Flight Simulation Solutions

Vortices Flight Simulations has joined forces with Boot To Compute to provide installation and technical support for PC flight Simulators. We make it easy for you to get the most out of your simulator, whether for recreational or business use.   

Our team provides custom system configurations to meet your specific goals. From a basic software install on your current workstation to a turn-key system purchased through us, we aim for total customer satisfaction.

Allow us to help you maximize your simulator purchase by assisting you with installation and ongoing technical support!

Hardware Support

We provide top flight support for PC based flight simulation specializing in X-plane hardware/software configurations.

Flight Simulators

We can optimize your simulator to achieve the highest levels of fidelity for your device.  We support all workstations that can be used for flight simulators.

Peripheral Devices

We install and troubleshoot the following:

  • Yokes/Throttle quadrants/Joy Stick/Rudder Pedals
  • Multiple monitor display configuration
  • Troubleshoot IR Tracker
    • Simulated Avionics
    • Headsets and Aviation Headset integration
  • Hardware trouble shooting for Autopilot, FMS, and Switch Panels.

We can set up a network inside your cockpit to allow you to run multiple computers to maximize your fidelity in the outside visuals along with your cockpit set up.

We also support the shared cockpit setup. You can work on your CRM (Crew Resource Management) Skill just like they do in the airlines. If you are just learning, then your flight instructor is able to sit in your virtual cockpit with you from half way around the world and give you pointers.


We specialize in X-Plane. We offer technical support for the following:

  • Xplane PC flight simulators: X-Plane 9 & 10
  • Pilot Edge
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator X (Coming soon!)
  • IL-2 Sturmovik
  • IL-2 Cliffs of Dover
  • IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad Coming Soon!!
  • Lock On Coming Soon!!
  • DCS Simulations Coming Soon!!
  • Windows Operating System

System Security:

We utilize industry best practices and software solutions to keep your simulator secure and virus free.  Our goal is to keep you 100% functional and to eliminate down time, allowing you to capitalize on your investment.

System Planning

We help clients spec out the right supplier to build a robust simulator for your specific needs.  We help you choose the hardware/software for your custom setup, with an eye for future growth that brings more revenue for your business.  And we provide ongoing support for all your technical needs.

Contact Us

Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction by resolving any request within 24 hours. Our technicians may request remote access to your simulator to expedite troubleshooting if your request can not be handled through a simple email or phone call. Email: vorticestech@boottocompute.com Phone: (248) 845-4869.


IT Support for Veterinary Clinics


Boot 2 Compute has experience supporting veterinary clinics for over 5 years.  (In fact, the owner attended veterinary school at Michigan State University!) 

Our IT Support Services for Veterinary Clinics and Hospitals:

  • Installing and configuring software.
  • Installing and configuring networks.
  • Training employees on hospital software and hardware use.
  • Maintaining Digital X-ray machines (Sound and Eklin)
  • Maintaining hospital accounting software.
  • Keeping computer systems secure by installing and managing anti-virus software, VPNs, and firewalls.
  • Develop and maintain a disaster recovery plan to keep your clients data safe.
  • Managing multi-site, multi-building veterinary networks.
  • Implement/Maintain clinic patient software.



Systems Support for CNC Machine Shops

photo of cnc machine shop that we service

Boot 2 Compute has 3+years of experience in managing software, network and hardware systems for CNC Manufacturing shops.  Our services include:

Servers / Workstations

  • Manage all CAD/CAM software, including installation and software maintenance updates. 
  • Manage email servers
  • Mange file servers so all customer data and internal files are secure and all files are easily accessible for the entire plant to use
  • Configure customer portals on any workstation


Boot 2 Compute is proficient with all controls listed for each machine and Parameter settings for proper milling/turning configurations.

  • Install/Maintain Digitizer/Plotters for printing 2D
  • Mazak Lathes with Mazatrol Matrix, T+ and Mazatrol Smart Controls
  • SouthWestern Industries Mills with ProtoTrak smx controls
  • Hurco Mills (3+2 and true 5-Axis milling with Winmax Controls)
  • CMMs (Coordinate Measuring Machines with PCDMIS)


  • Plan / Configure network to ensure it is reliable and can handle your workload.
  • Install / manage server rack including network connections, servers, switches and cabling.
  • Connect all CNC machines to network to facilitate faster file transfers and reduce downtime transferring files through USB thumb drives.
  • Implement a file structure for all CNC Machinists and Programmers so all customer information is one click away vs transferring files manual from computer to computer

Special Hardware / Software

  • Setup maintain supplier/customer VPN Tunnels to ensure secure data transfers
  • Implement and maintain Voice Over IP phone system
  • Implement and maintain shop floor software from Quoting to Shipping(E2 shoptech software)
  • Guide customer to proper software to open/convert every file type given to them by customer (.IGES/.PRT/.PDF/ETC)
  • Ensure all software purchased for manufacturing is needed and installed properly the first time

Staff Training & Support

  • Train work force to utilize technology to its fullest (Implement/Maintain)
  • Answer questions, fix issues and provide ongoing user support.

Vendor Management

  • POST Processors and CAD/CAM Software (Gibbs CAM (up to full 5-axis), WorksNC (up to 3+2 and full 5-Axis),
  • Consultation on proper Plotters/Digitizers for your 2D printing needs (color and black and white)
  • Phone Systems (Can help pick proper phone system and facilitate install)
  • CAD/CAM software (Have worked with and installed/updated: WorksNC, GibbsCAM, Visi, MasterCam)

System Security

  • Manage Shop Video Security Systems 
  • Setup and maintain supplier/customer portals (VPN Tunnels) to ensure secure data transfers of customer data
  • Implement and maintain Business Grade Firewall for entire shop to reduce machining downtime


  • Disaster Recovering Planning
  • Technology Budgeting and Procurement
  • Spec out proper workstations for CAD/CAM and office applications.

Our technicians will troubleshoot your technical needs before traveling on-site to ensure the concern is attended to in a timely manner and fixed properly the first time. You have full control of the remote session and can disconnect at any time. Call to begin a session.

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